Dr. Ajit Kumar | Department of Mathematics


Dr. Ajit
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
School of Natural Sciences (SNS)
A111A, Shiv Nadar University
Shiv Nadar University Uttar Pradesh
Profile Summary 

Research Interests

Machine Learning, Computational Fluid Dynamics

I am currently focused on how Machine Learning actually works if it works at all. 

Till very recently, my main interest was CFD. I was particularly fond of using OpenFOAM, an open source package for discretizing PDEs using Finite Volume Method. We worked on developing the following modules in OpenFOAM: Shape Optimisation codes, Immersed Boundary Methods. We are also extensively using the newly developed OpenFOAM's overset mesh support to study designs of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT).

Current Students

  • Amrita Singh (PhD Student, Dept of Mathematics, Joined in Aug 2018). Developing object detection algorithms for bio-medical images.
  • Renu Saraswat (PhD Student, Dept of Mathematics, Joined in Aug 2018). Using machine learning to on stock market.

Past Students

  • Praveen Laws (Co-adviser. PhD 2020). Link
  • Magu Ram (Co-adviser MTech 2019. Link
  • Jaskaran Singh Saini (B Tech Project, Mechanical, July 2017 to July 2018), Performance analysis of two-dimensional NACA 0018 airfoil using an overset grid solver
  • Dhruvi Sharma (BS Maths Project, Aug 2017 to May 2018), A mathematical Modelling of semi-arid region
  • Anand Sagar Gupta (B Tech Project, Mechanical, Summer 2017), Numerical Study of cricket ball aerodynamics using non-uniform rough wall boundary condition
Educational Qualifications 
PhD Mathematics
University of Houston
Research Areas 

Scholarly Activity

Journal Publications (accepted or published)


A. Veliz-Cuba, A. Kumar, K. Josic. Piecewise linear and boolean models of chemical reaction networks. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology. Volume 76-12. Pages 2945-2984. 2014


A. Kumar and K. Josic. Reduced models of networks of coupled enzymatic reactions. Journal of Theoretical Biology. Volume 278-1. Pages 87-106. 2011


Praveen L., A. Kumar, S. Mitra A Numerical Study Toward Harvesting Power From Train Slipstream Using Savonius Rotor. Journal of Energy Resource Technology. May 2020


Praveen L., J. S. Saini, A. Kumar, S. Mitra Improvement in Savonius Wind Turbines Efficiency by Modification of Blade Designs—A Numerical Study. Journal of Energy Resource Technology. June 2020



A. Kumar. Numerical simulation of cricket ball swings using OpenFOAM. 17th Annual CFD Symposium. National Aerospace Lab. Bangalore. India. 2015


J Saini, P Laws, A Kumar. Performance Analysis of  Two-dimensional NACA 0018 Airfoil Using an Overset Grid Solver. 20th Annual CFD Symposium. National Aerospace Lab. Bangalore. India. 2018


Ajit Kumar. Extension of OpenFoam to simulate 6dof rigid body motion using adaptively refined overset mesh. Indo-German conference on COMPUTATIONAL MATHEMATICS. Challenges and Opportunities towards Exascale Computing. IISc Bangalore. . Dec 2019


A. Singh, A Kumar. Virtual International Conference on Soft Computing, Optimization Theory and Applications, Mar 26-27, 2021, BIT Mesra, Ranchi


R. Saraswat, A Kumar. Advances in Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis (Oct 12-15, 2020), IIT Guwahati