Bhawna Malik | Department of Mathematics


Phd Scholar
Department of Mathematics
School of Natural Sciences (SNS)
Block-A, Shiv Nadar University
Uttar Pradesh
Educational Qualifications 
B.SC Maths (Hons)
Delhi University
M.SC in Applied Mathematics
South Asian University
Work Experience 
Research Assistant ,
Shiv Nadar University
Teaching & Research Interests: 

My research is focused on developing mathematical model of biological systems and predicting the long-term behavior. I implement qualitative approach of modeling such as nonlinear dynamics, stochasticity, game theory to get insights of dynamical systems. Currently, I am working on antibiotic drug-resistance and developing models to understand the influence of social and econimc factors in the emergence and selection of resistant strain. The complex dynamical behavior of the system arising out of these socio-economic effects is one of the key motive to explore in these studies.

Conferences (Select): 


Bhawna Malik & Samit Bhattacharyya. Antibiotic drug-resistance as a complex system driven by socio-economic growth and antibiotic misuse. Scientific reports, Nature, (2019) 9:9788 (Accepted).

Bhawna Malik & Samit Bhattacharyya. Emergence and burden of antibiotic drug resistance: an endogenous cycle. Current Science, vol. 118, No. 2, 25 January 2020 (Accepted)

Bhawna Malik & Samit Bhattacharyya. A stochastic model of antibiotic misuse, economy, and drug resistance: Computing extinction probability using multi-type branching process and relating to socioeconomic factors - Under Review.

Bhawna Malik & Samit Bhattacharyya. Disparity in socio-economic status explains the pattern of self-medication of antibiotics in India: understanding from game-theoretic perspective -(Accepted).

Bhawna Malik & Samit Bhattacharyya. Third party aids to mitigate the emergence of antimicrobial drug resistance - Manuscript under preparation.

Dylan Hull-Nye, Bhawna Malik, Ravikiran Keshavamurthy, & Ellisa J. Schawartz. Transient Dynamics of the kidney disease epidemic among HIV-infected individuals. Mathematics in Applied Sciences and Engineering, vol 1, No. 4, December 2020 (Accepted).

Participated Summer School

  • Attended Advanced level 22 days program at  " BITS PILANI, SECUNDERABAD " organized by NPDE 2016, IIT BOMBAY..
  • Attended Postgaduate level 20 days program at  " INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY , KANPUR" organized by NPDE 2015, IIT BOMBAY.
  • Summer internship under leadership of '' Prof. R.K. MOHANTY , SOUTH ASIAN UNIVERSITY (HOD) " organized by NPDE 2015, IIT BOMBAY..

Participated Conference

2018 – “International Conference on Mathematical Modeling and Computations”, December 1-3. Presented a paper on “Modeling antibiotic drug resistance using Socio-economic factors and antibiotic misuse”.

Organized Conference

National Conference on Cross-disciplinary Applications of Complex Networks | 22-24 March 2018, Shiv Nadar University, India .