Seminars | Department of Mathematics


Arav Jain & Sri Hari Ram Mohan9/15/2022Elementary Introduction to Rhotrix TheoryThis talk described how operations such as addition and multiplication are defined on rhotrices and discuss some properties analogous to those in matrices, such as determinants, transposes and ranks.
Khyati Sharma & Shivani Chauhan9/22/2022Group theory with Sage MathIn this workshop an overview of the implementations of the group-theoretical algorithms in SAGE was demonstrated. 
Ajit Kumar11/17/2022Some useful apps for literature Search & ideas managementCertain apps like Reaseach Rabbit, Agile, Zotero & Obsidian were demonstrated in the context of literature survey on the web.
Anant Narayan Hariharan11/18/2022Free resolutions in commutative algebra.Starting with the structure theorem of finitely generated modules over a PID, the notion of a free resolution of M over R, which is one way of understanding how far M is from having a basis, a few avenues of study related to free resolutions are explored.
Prof. Pradeep Dubey12/01/2023The Lorentz Transformations of Special RelativityThe talk is pitched at Undergraduate students of all levels. It focusses on an elementary derivation of the Lorentz Transformations (LT), which requires no more mathematics than solving two linear equations with two unknowns. This leads to an elementary derivation of E= MC^2.