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Career Opportunities

First admission or job for BSc (Research) Mathematics graduates
There is a great demand for mathematicians in various sectors: investment banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, engineering consultancies, medical research, bioinformatics, software, computer security, and defense. Well trained students are also sought by universities all over the world for their research programs.

Mathematics is unique in the way it combines abstract thought with practical applications. A degree in mathematics does not train you just for a specific job or career. It gives you a range of skills which enable you to enter any of a wide range of careers. And of course mathematics is an exciting career in itself!

First, here are some surveys carried out by associations of mathematicians describing career options for mathematicians:

  1. The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM):
  2. The American Mathematical Society:
Mathematics and ...
Systems BiologyData Mining

Mapping the human genome was made possible by new mathematical tools. Newer and better mathematical tools make research quicker and cheaper, resulting in the creation of new career opportunities in technology, medicine, and drug development and design.

Mathematics and the Genome

Data mining is the search for patterns and information in huge data sets. Career opportunities can be found in applications to security, forensics, e-commerce, bioinformatics and genomics, astrophysics, medicine, and chemical and electrical engineering.

What is ... Data Mining

Digital ImagingFinance & Economics

Computer animation & digital imaging use scientific computation, statistics, signal processing, linear algebra, control theory, and computational geometry. The applications are in areas like medical diagnostics, entertainment (film, television, and video games), and fine arts (sculpture, painting).

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Financial mathematics is the development of quantitative techniques and computational models used in the financial industry. Banks, insurance companies, investment and securities firms, energy companies and utilities, multinational corporations, government regulatory institutions, and other industries rely on applied mathematics and computational science.

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