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Major in Mathematics

BSc (Research) Mathematics - Class of 2015
Faculty with the founding Class of 2015
The Department of Mathematics at Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR offers programs and courses that highlight the interdisciplinary and the multidisciplinary nature of the university. Graduates of our undergraduate program have gone on to higher studies and careers in mathematics, economics and data analytics. They have been admitted to leading institutions in India and abroad.

Mission of the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics

Our fundamental mission is to train and enable our students to pursue careers and achieve leadership positions in both academia and industry. We promote critical thinking through training in logical reasoning, the nature and types of proof, abstraction, the presentation and analysis of data, and computational skills. We enable students to realise and develop their interests through a diverse set of elective courses as well as opportunities for research with faculty mentors.  Students are also exposed to the connections between mathematics and other disciplines.
Our undergraduate program is further distinguished by the following features:

  • Melting of the artificial barriers between pure and applied mathematics and between mathematics and other disciplines.
  • Training in modern computing skills and applications to real-world problems.
  • Accessibility to students from diverse backgrounds.

Learning Outcomes

Through their study of the core undergraduate mathematics curriculum and their choice of elective courses, all Shiv Nadar University mathematics majors develop their ability to:

  • Formulate and express mathematical statements and arguments.
  • Translate intuitive understanding into formal definitions and proofs.
  • Solve new problems.
  • Abstract from the particular to the general.
  • Communicate mathematical ideas through oral and written presentations.
  • Create mathematical models for applications in other disciplines, especially physics, economics, biology and data science.
  • Show individual ability and creativity through participation in projects and research.

Career Outcomes

There is a great demand for mathematicians in various sectors: investment banks, insurance companies, engineering consultancies, medical research, bioinformatics, software, computer security, and defense. Well trained students are also sought by universities all over the world for their research programs.

Our students have been admitted to institutions like University of Göttingen (Germany), University of Bonn (Germany), Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (Spain), ETH Zurich (Switzerland), National University of Singapore, Delhi School of Economics, Institute of Mathematical Sciences (Chennai), TIFR-CAM (Bangalore), Arizona State University (USA), Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia), and Higher School of Economics (Russia), for higher studies in mathematics, statistics, economics , computer science and data analytics. While studying at SNU they have been selected for prestigious fellowships and summer programs in India and abroad.