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Minor in Mathematics

Undergraduate students of the university who are not majoring in Mathematics have the option to take a Minor in Mathematics. A Minor in Mathematics can serve two distinct functions (apart from enjoying its beauty and intellectual stimulation!): (a) Acquiring the academic background for higher studies in mathematics; (b) Acquiring modeling and computational skills for applications of mathematics in other disciplines or in industry.

Key Information

School of Natural Sciences (SNS)
Dr. Niteesh Sahni, Undergraduate Advisor
Minor Eligibilty 

The first opportunity to officially register for the Minor in Mathematics is at the end of your 1st year. However, you can start crediting courses that would count towards the Minor even before you officially register for it.

There are no eligibility criteria. However, as we have restricted seats, we do select on the basis of academic performance while also trying to provide opportunity to students from various majors. A detailed policy on this is published at the time of selection.

We register about 20 students every year for the Minor. These students receive priority during course registration. However, you can also earn the Minor by completing the requirements on your own initiative. In such a case, approach us at the beginning of your last year of study and we will evaluate your status and advise you on how to complete the requirements.

To acquire a Minor in Mathematics, you have to acquire a minimum of 20 credits as University Wide Electives (UWE) from the courses offered by the Department of Mathematics. These credits must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  1. Category A: At least 8 credits from the following: MAT 101 (Calculus I), MAT 102 (Calculus II), MAT 140 (Discrete Structures), MAT 160 (Linear Algebra I), MAT 184 (Probability), MAT 220 (Real Analysis I), MAT 230 (Ordinary Differential Equations), MAT 240 (Algebra I), MAT 280 (Numerical Analysis).
  2. Category B: At least 8 credits from MAT courses numbered 200 or above and not included in Category A.
  3. The following courses cannot be used towards the Minor: MAT 020 (Elementary Calculus I), MAT 084 (Basic Probability & Statistics), MAT 103 (Mathematical Methods I), MAT 104 (Math. Methods II), MAT 205 (Math. Methods III), MAT110 (Computing).
  4. A course cannot count towards both Major and Minor requirements. For example, Economics students cannot count MAT 101 towards the Minor because it is a compulsory course in their Major.
  5. Certain course combinations are not allowed. If you have already credited a course with significant overlap with a certain MAT course, or a more advanced course than the MAT course, you may not earn credit for the Minor from that MAT course. A list of such banned combinations will be published before each semester’s course registration.

The Undergraduate Advisor for Mathematics will help you work out an appropriate choice of courses depending on your interests and background.