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"Life is good for only two things, discovering mathematics and teaching mathematics." - Siméon Poisson (1781-1840)

The Department of Mathematics at SNU offers programs and courses that embody the interdisciplinary and the multidisciplinary nature of the university. Its academic programs provide a solid base both for further studies as well as for careers in industry. There is a... read more

Recent News & Activities

10 Jan 2020
The following students have accepted our offer of admission with full financial aid to the Mathematics PhD programme at SNU... read more
07 Mar 2019
Title: Wandering subspace problem for norm-increasing m-isometries   Abstract: The wandering subspace problem for an analytic... read more
21 Feb 2019
Title: Two Species Semipermeable Exclusion Processes Abstract: In joint works with E. R. Speer and J. L. Lebowitz, we consider two-... read more
07 Feb 2019
Title: Rational Approximation and an Introduction to Transcendental Number Theory Abstract: It is a well-known fact that  $Q$ is... read more
15 Nov 2018
Prof. Dey is giving two lectures during her visit to SNU: Nov 15, B219, 12:00: Title: “What are minimal surfaces?” Abstract... read more
17 Aug 2018
The Department of Mathematics is pleased to announce a screening of the award-winning documentary Ramanujan: the mathematician and his... read more
Student Spotlight
"SNU has been a journey to explore myself,"- Laavanya Gupta, ‪B.Sc. (Research) in Mathematics

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