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Analysis & Bus. Modelling

If you work for a multinational, a small company, a government organization or an NGO, it is very likely that you will be using a spreadsheet program like Excel to summarize, report and analyze data. You may also be involved in building analytic models to help your employer increase profit, reduce cost, or manage operations more efficiently. Efficient use of tools and methods available in Excel can save you hours of time and improve approaches for analyzing important business problems.
The topics to be covered in the course are: 
Excel Basics 
Developing charts in Excel 
Some useful functions like sum, average, Index, Match, Vlookup, offset, Indirect, etc. 
Interest and Amortization using functions like PV, FV, NPV, etc. 
Data Handling Wizards 
Data Handling Functions like sumif, countif, Dsum, Dcount, etc. 
Cash Flow Analysis 
Sensitivity Analysis 
Optimization using Solver 
Linear Regression
 Pivot Tables

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