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Mathematics Research Fiesta

Mathematics Research Fiesta is a poster presentation event for our research scholars. Poster presentation is a dynamic communication tool to share with others about the research study and to stimulate a conversation about that research. The conversation may be an opportunity to share more details about the research study and may allow the poster presenter to gather feedback that will enrich their research and provide opportunity for potential future collaborative research with the other people. 


Date & Time
February 23, 2023, 11AM - 4PM
A & B atrium, SNIoE
Name of the presenterTopic
Amrita SinghObject detection by atrous
Anu DhochakSingularities on a Maxface and a Minface
Apoorva SinghMultiplication by finite Blaschke factors on a general class of Hardy spaces
Arshad KhanNearly invariant subspaces for a class of operators on reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces

Bharat Pratap Chauhan

On almost semimonotone matrices and the linear complementarity problem
Imran AnsariPortfolio Optimization Based on Core-periphery Structure-based Strategy in FinancialNetworks
 Khyati SharmaCLT Groups
LaxmiGame theoretic approach to quantify the impact of irrational ITNs use on malaria transmission
Pawanesh YadavCommunity detection in Financial Networks via Coalescent embedding
RekhaFinding theoretical bounds for data acquisition for perfect reconstruction
Renu SaraswatPDE Optimal Control Problems: Automatic Differentiation Approach
Sai Rasmi Ranjan MohantyMaxface with various singularities and ends
Shivani ChauhanDiameter of Kronecker double cover of line graph of tree
Shrinit SinghAchiral Words
Suhith K NTopological properties of neural codes
Suman KumarTransboundary Pollution, Economic Sustainability and Its Management : A Game-Theoretic Modelling approach
Udit RajSimplicial structures in ecological networks
Viney KumarA multiplex network model of opinion-exchange  and its impact on vaccination during an epidemic


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Organizing Committee
Chairperson - Dr. Dipti Dubey 
Members - Dr. A Satyanarayana Reddy, Dr. Sneh Lata, Dr. Charu Sharma